‘From predicting a probable future, to designing a desirable future’.

The profound power of utopian thinking

Human beings are a part of nature and the city is human beings’ natural habitat. This means that every city should ideally be a perfect combination of urban delights and natural elements. It should be a place where human beings, and their families, enjoy living and working. Day in, day out. A place where the challenges faced by densely populated areas—waste surplus, transport demand, urban heat effect—are resolved in the most natural way possible. And it can be done!

The strength of one’s imagination

The Natural City designs ideal living environments. Our point of departure for doing so is not the city as we have made it, but a vastly superior alternative instead. A utopia, if you will, in which the most radical technological developments are put to use. Imagination plays a crucial role in this: after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to residents, businesses, administrators and other stakeholders, our 3-D models enable them to literally see what you mean.

‘Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.’
Albert Einstein

Not reactive, but pro-active

Our current era is characterised by reactive action. At The Natural City, it is our conviction that we should be anticipating—rather than merely reacting to—new knowledge and technology as it becomes available. We shouldn’t be content to wonder how this knowledge might be applied – we should concern ourselves with how it must be applied. This mindset will allow us to shape an ideal situation. It will also enable us to guide and implement the current technological developments and innovations effectively. To communicate this clearly to all audiences, we combine all the existing innovative technology and possibilities into 3-D renderings. This is how we show others how we, as a society, could be living.

The utopia, means for realising revolutionary projects

Utopian thinking is a profoundly powerful tool for gaining new insights. The supposed impossibility of the utopia is simultaneously its greatest strength. Its inaccessibility makes it an especially inspiring concept. Think of what you want, and imagine why—not whether—it can be done. Forget everything that human hands have made, and impose only a single limitation on your mind – the physical realities of life on Earth. We’d wager this will yield the most surprising and innovative projects. And in some cases, revolutionary ones.

‘The future brings us nothing, we bring the future.’

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