Smart Cities

‘Technology is transforming our cities. But are we going to passively let that technology determine our direction, every individual for him or herself? Or are we going to combine our strengths in order to improve our lives in targeted ways?’


Technology should serve to support the urban lifestyle. It shouldn’t dictate what that urban lifestyle will be. Our focus should be on achieving a natural living environment. We are currently adding a layer of data to our cities, which allows us to quantify all aspects of life. Take sensors in waste containers, for example, that tell us when they are full; or sensors in parking spots and all kinds of apps. We eagerly take advantage of the ever-advancing technological possibilities. We have two options in doing so: merely asking ourselves where this road will lead us, or taking charge of our own destiny.

The latter involves actively determining where we want to go, or where we are going now. We can develop scenarios for this very purpose. The Natural City believes that Smart Cities should facilitate a high quality of life for human beings, and they should do so in a natural fashion. In other words: they should improve the lives of people who make their homes in cities. So how can we reinvent the city using all these new technologies? To that end, The Natural City wants to combine its strengths with those of innovative businesses, knowledge institutions and local and national governments. And to make the potential value of innovation and Smart Cities visible to all, so that—together—we can responsibly transform our current living environment. Taking a vision of The Natural City as our guiding principle.