‘The car used to be the solution to a great many of life’s problems. But now, our trusty vehicles may create more problems than they solve. The alternative? A brand-new mobility mix.’


Mobility dominates everything you see, hear, feel and smell in the city. As does the infrastructure it requires. Each bit of public space is related to these vehicles in its own way. Our buildings and cities are designed around the mobility circulation of a very small number of individuals. That means a great deal of space that is unsuited for use by children at play, neighbours looking to chat a while or for those out for a bracing stroll. Because we have consistently busied ourselves with expanding upon the existing means of transport (road, rail, water and air), we have never stopped to consider that there may be alternatives. But those alternatives do in fact exist.

We need to let go of our familiar frame of reference and open up a discussion on the basic infrastructure of our cities. It is time to make a new start, to wipe the slate clean and begin designing our mobility with fresh eyes. How can we help people reach their destinations in a manner that is efficient, environmentally-friendly and safe?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if, someday soon, the car was just a tool for occasional recreation? If you could get from point A to point B quickly and efficiently, without the need for roads, car parks and asphalt? Can you imagine a city where public space is used for actual living? Safe, green, clean and free from noise pollution. It’s possible. The technology is available.