About us

The Natural City: a laboratory for utopian thinking

The Natural City aspires to be the engine behind the possibilities that technological developments can contribute to our living environment; to be an inspiration, a driving force and a visionary. We have no intention of sitting back and watching as technology transforms our habitat; instead, we intend to utilise the developments in order to change our surroundings for the better; to arrive at the optimal situation by acting as a laboratory for utopian thinking.

Transition offers opportunity and possibilities

For some time now, influential people have been talking about the transition we are currently experiencing. Technology is developing at a breakneck pace, exerting pressure on existing structures. But at the same time, these developments create new possibilities and opportunities. The Natural City addresses the major questions of the day by developing models that offer inspiration for the future. We combine our strengths with those of businesses, knowledge institutions and local and national governments – each of whom have their own ideas on how to improve the living environment. Through optimistic utopian thinking, we can shape a city that will inspire us in return, encouraging profound changes in our society.

Finding freedom in utopian thinking

By forgetting our current circumstances and thinking about a utopia, we can free our minds from what exists now. This way, we are not restricted by reality: we are free to dream. When you dream, you are free, and when you are free – that’s when the best ideas come to you. If we work together towards a shared dream, we can create a dot on the horizon. It’s a destination that will we never reach, especially since the goal recedes before us as our insight progresses. And yet this dream remains our common motivation, facilitating our out-of-the-box thinking skills.